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This week

27 Monday Great Compline and Canon of St. Andrew of Crete 6:30 pm
28 Tuesday Great Compline and Canon of St. Andrew of Crete 6:30 pm
1 Wednesday Great Compline and Canon of St. Andrew of Crete 6:30 pm
2 Thursday Great Compline and Canon of St. Andrew of Crete 6:30 pm
3 Friday Liturgy of Presanctied Gifts 6:30 pm
Blessing of Heat and Honey

Sunday of Cheesefare: Expulsion of Adam from Paradise

Commemorated on February 26

Forgiveness Sunday

As we begin the Great Fast, the Church reminds us of Adam’s expulsion from Paradise. God commanded Adam to fast (Gen. 2:16), but he did not obey. Because of their disobedience, Adam and Eve were cast out of Eden and lost the life of blessedness, knowledge of God, and communion with Him, for which they were created. Both they and their descendents became heirs of death and corruption.
Let us consider the benefits of fasting, the consequences of disobedience, and recall our fallen state. Today we are invited to cleanse ourselves of evil through fasting and obedience to God. Our fasting should not be a negative thing, a mere abstention from certain foods. It is an opportunity to free ourselves from the sinful desires and urges of our fallen nature, and to nourish our souls with prayer, repentance, to participate in church services, and partake of the life-giving Mysteries of Christ.
At Forgiveness Vespers we sing: “Let us begin the time of fasting in light, preparing ourselves for spiritual efforts. Let us purify our soul, let us purify our body. As we abstain from food, let us abstain from all passion and enjoy the virtues of the spirit….”

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Welcome to Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church in Jersey City, New Jersey, We are Orthodox community serving Northeastern New Jersey in the Diocese of New York and New Jersey of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA). We warmly welcome all who are searching for a church that is in unchanging continuity with the Church of the Apostles and where they may find the purity of the Apostolic Faith.

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